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Chase McBride – The Color Blue [Review]

Chase McBride – The Color Blue [Review]

This is ‘The Colour Blue’, the latest track from indie singer-songwriter Chase McBride.

Beginning with a fast tempo beat, the electric guitar takes its place at the forefront with a gentle tambourine, supporting a breezy folk aesthetic; Chase McBride’s trademark. The freewheeling vocals soon start and sit on top of an air tight arrangement, turning the track into an undoubtedly catchy pop song.

West-Coast singer Chase has been hard at work following the surprising success of his previous album ‘Cold Water’, his sound has naturally progressed comprising of a more upbeat tempo with a hint of electric guitar and a subtle 80’s feel.

Chase convey a story through his lyrics “It’s about truly living in a moment – taking life, relationships or whatever else is happening one step at a time”. As the song progresses, you can immerse yourself and become part of that moment. Accompanied by Sean Hayes, a Bay Area musician. They’re voices harmonize perfectly with each other.

Chases new album Green Shade was recorded with up-and-coming producer Mackenzie Bunch at the Oakland California studio of Jeremy Black (Langhome Slim, Kacey Johansing, The Stone Foxes).

Compared to his previous material, the new songs have a wider sonic palette with ‘The Colour Blue’ leading the way. Don’t just take our words for it, give it a listen.


Review by Lucy Coombs

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