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Charlie Says – Vena Cava [Review]

Charlie Says – Vena Cava [Review]

Charlie Says bring an electrifying raw energy to their latest single, ‘Vena Cava’

‘Vena Cava’, the explosive new single off the EP of the same name, sees alternative rock group Charlie Says harking back to the best parts of the emo rock and post-punk movement. The Welsh rockers’ unique brand of high energy rock stands out impressively in today’s scene, as does its powerful female-fronted fieriness.

‘Vena Cava’ has a distinctly raw edge to it. While the musicianship is unquestionably strong, the recording still has the vibe of an impromptu garage jam, and it’s in this authenticity that the track really shines. Revelling in a heavy rock sound, Charlie Says follow in the footsteps of bands like Foo Fighters by also packing an unexpectedly powerful melodic punch. The result is a sound that is simultaneously empowering and emotional.

The guitar ideas on ‘Vena Cava’ are mesmerising. Matching the drums’ pounding energy on every beat with heavy, dramatic riffs, Charlie Says remind us exactly how essential a great guitarist is to a great heavy rock track. Equally, lead singer Alcie Bela’s powerhouse vocals are simultaneously earnest, emotional, and dynamic, without ever ringing false or forced.

With an unbeatable energy from start to finish, ‘Vena Cava’ is guaranteed to get you on your feet.


Review by Lucy O’Toole

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