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Charlie Lane – Crazy Happy [Review]

Charlie Lane – Crazy Happy [Review]

Gutsy singer-songwriter Charlie Lane dazzles on her latest release, ‘Crazy Happy.’

Charlie Lane last won over hearts with her 2016 EP ‘Mood Swings & Antidepressants.’ On her latest single, ‘Crazy Happy’, the Melbourne-based singer-songwriter is as witty and authentic as ever, offering up a bittersweet indie-pop track that explores the tangled hearts of an undeniably destructive relationship. Opening to a simple yet compelling electric guitar riff and a steady high-hat beat, the mellow indie-rock instrumentation expands in the chorus to include a gorgeous trumpet line that gives the track a triumphant lift.

Like Kate Nash and Lily Allen, Charlie Lane combines sweet pop vocals with a very self-aware sense of wit. The lyrics are refreshingly honest and tender, with just the right about of obscenity and grit. Refusing to turn her story into some kind of morality tale, Charlie unapologetically bares her soul to the world. Speaking on her experiences of an unhealthy relationship that she can’t bring herself to walk away from, Charlie irreverently shares some universal themes that almost everyone can relate to. Despite this underlying sense of desperation in the lyrics, ‘Crazy Happy’ is surprisingly upbeat, and conjures up some dazzling summertime vibes.

While capturing some seriously raw aspects of human experience, ‘Crazy Happy’ is a brilliant track, loaded with charisma and charm.


Review by Lucy O’Toole

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