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Chance Fakih – Pample [Review]

Chance Fakih – Pample [Review]

Pample is the debut psychedelic journey from Chance Fakih.

Chance Fakih - Pample (Official Music Video)

Self-proclaimed musical procrastinator, Chance Fakih, kicks things off with a bang with a foray into psychedelia with Pample. As you step into this track, filled to the brim with phaser filled guitar tones and cosmic wonderment, you can’t help but feel that it’s totally worth the wait. It’s the ultimate feel-good track that will uplift your mood no matter how you’re feeling.

There’s an unmistakeable Pond/Tame Impala vibe to this tune. It has a superbly catchy, yet simple rhythm guitar core that has worked so well for the Aussie maestros, as well as outstanding musical arrangement. The thing that sets Pample apart though is the fact that its a purely instrumental tune that keeps its exciting charm throughout. This is a great first outing for the Seattle based artist and I for one can’t wait to see what’s next.

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