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Cecilia Ebba – Just Fantasy [Review]

Cecilia Ebba – Just Fantasy [Review]

Swedish born and now London based Cecilia Ebba returns with her new atmospheric single ‘Just Fantasy’.

Like her previous singles Ebba has co-produced her newest release with Lucas Mendes of Park Studios (London). Together the pair have created a haunting sound that is beautifully melancholic.

Ebba’s earlier singles achieved critical acclaim and caught the attention of Spotify who shared her second single, ‘Breathe Out Breathe In’ on their popular playlist, ‘The Most Beautiful Songs in the World’. ‘Just Fantasy’ has the same ethereal quality and encompasses her signature aesthetically chilling sound. The song’s minimalist opening creates an atmospheric stillness that transitions into an intricate guitar and synth-heavy production.

Lyrically the song is Ebba’s most accomplished to date, with her song writing revealing her complex love-hate relationship with her new home. Her lyrics draw on the hopes, dreams and failures that come with big city life. As she confesses the urban chaos of London can be confounding for someone who grew up in a small northern town in Sweden. Ebba symbolises this feeling by personifying London as an aloof yet enticing character, who she has been desperately trying to impress. ‘Just Fantasy’ therefore becomes an anthem for those who know the overwhelming heartbreak of struggling to achieve their dreams in a big city.


Review by Kate Pearson

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