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Cavern Company – Body Language [Review]

Cavern Company – Body Language [Review]

The new single, “Body Language” released by Cavern Company provides a calming, enjoyable sound with alluring chords.

This track is undeniably suited for the summer months, when you can blast it through your speakers in the hot weather! It’s perfect for the indie/alternative listener; a catchy yet meaningful tune.

Cavern Company have decided that instead of releasing an album or an EP this year, they will focus on releasing a collection of four singles. These singles will explore a theme which the band have titled “So This is Happiness”. This will be an insight into what life looks like for Cavern Company.

The Oklahoma based band said: “In this first track, we look at friendship in the middle of alcohol addiction and how choosing to wade through that mess with dear friends ultimately leads to a deeper and more genuine friendship.

“That’s happiness for us.”


Review by Victoria Harris

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