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CAVEPARTY – Strange Lullaby [Review]

CAVEPARTY – Strange Lullaby [Review]

Things get a little strange with CAVEPARTY’s latest.

There’s plenty of dreamy, jangly 60’s inspired Psychedelica in CAVEPARTY’s second single ‘Strange Lullaby‘. The track seems to be taking cues from all over musical history, with guitar tones that could pulled from Sgt Peppers and the thumping distorted basslines of Tame Impala.

South Korean lead singer Miru Song’s quality vocals have almost a Scouse twang, (which is quite the feat, as he’s only spoke english for the last two years!) which really adds to that psychadelic nostalgia; but it’s the lyric free chorus where things really ramp as those stomping guitar lines create a giant, hypnotic wall of sound.

It hits all the right notes, and it’s definitely well-informed song writing, but I do get the sense that CAVEPARTY are still finding their feet when it comes to developing their own sound. It all seems a little… familiar. It’s a huge genre shift from their last release, ‘No Lies’, which has more of a Queens Of The Stone Age vibe. I’m looking forward to hearing a full EP or an album from these guys, so they can really let us know WHO THEY ARE.

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