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Cat Ryan – Blessed Through the TV [Review]

Cat Ryan – Blessed Through the TV [Review]

Newcastle-Upon-Tyne trio Cat Ryan share their latest tune Blessed Through the TV.

Combining twee shoegaze nuances with art rock minimalism, Cat Ryan have found an exceedingly good balance centred around less is more. The synth tones prick your ears making you pay attention, forcing you to sway to the fantastically catchy rhythm. This points towards a wonderfully crafted number, and it is, but the thing that stands out is the pitch perfect vocals that mirror the delicate synth layers.

There’s also a prominent East Asian influence adding a further ingredient to the tantalising musical soup. A traditional string instrument is used to brilliant effect, keeping with the song’s minimalist nature. It floats along nicely providing a welcome uniqueness to the track. If you’re out to find a new song to obsess over then look no further. Blessed Through the TV is the perfect example of unique, catchy art-pop that you will fall in love with on first listen.

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