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Castorp – Cruel Sea [Review]

Castorp – Cruel Sea [Review]

Bursting onto the new wave scene of indie delectables, Castorp has released a stunner of a track, ‘Cruel Sea’.

Executed with guile and class, the indie up and comer based in South London has managed to blend 80s tones with charismatic indie influences, bringing forth a refreshing sound that just works so well. The synthesised melody brings to mind something the Eurythmics would produce, floaty and tantalising. There are also elements of modern influences there too, with the vocals similar to that of Anthony Kiedis. There’s no beat poetry, but the same tonal excellence is apparent, bouncing and grooving to the belly of the song, like a crustacean caught in the deep sea current. However there is also a sirenesque component which is the key difference here, with stellar falsettos twinkling throughout the cut, satiating your thirst for brilliance.

The choppy guitar work stands out, cooking up an oceanic musing, ebbing and flowing sonically, just like a cruel sea. The lyrics paint a picture of something that is no more, or at the very least, a husk of what once was. Fitting nicely to the title of the song, it all fuses together summoning a powerfully chaotic image, something that we can all relate to through various experiences. This is what’s great about the song, there is no explicit meaning, enabling you to make connections to whatever speaks most clearly to you.

Gig-wise, Castorp is gracing London’s Lock Tavern on the 27th April and you can get your mitts on free tickets via this web link. So go along, grab a bev, and be prepared to be impressed. 2018 is going to be a monumental year for Steffan Davies (Castorp) so watch this space!


Review by Tom Crowder


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