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Former gymnast Cassie Marin shows her flexibility on her weighty new single.

Florida-born singer-songwriter Cassie Marin was once an aspiring Olympic gymnast. However, following the family’s move to Dallas, an accident during an audition at Dayna’s Dance Studio in Southlake, which left Marin with a broken nose, upper lip and three fingers quickly changed this. Marin had been obsessed with music since the age of four, when she became bewitched with the dark themes and melodies of ‘Thumbelina’. After her gymnastics career abruptly ended at such a young age, Marin rekindled her musical passion and began composing her own songs.   Her first piano composition, entitled ‘Save Us’ was written at the age of thirteen and she has never looked back.

Just over a decade after her life-changing gymnastics miscalculation, Marin has released the ‘S.O.S. EP’. We are informed that, as opposed to referring to the marine distress signal, the ‘S.O.S.’ in the EP’s title stands for ‘Spoonful of Sugar’. However, upon listening to the EP’s closing track and single, ‘Weigh’, Marin’s music is far from sickly sweet. ‘Weigh’ is a song about being weighed down by the past, a concept which is mirrored in the accompanying video, which features the singer with ropes around her wrists dragging various oddments and debris, including a drawer and a selection of pictures. The musical accompaniment is sparse and reminiscent of various ‘90s trip-hop tracks with obvious R&B, pop and house influences. This once promising gymnast is now a contender for the gold medal in producing interesting and thought-provoking, if a little unsettling, music.


Review by Alice Jones

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