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Carried Away – Expectations [Review]

Carried Away – Expectations [Review]

Carried Away surpass our expectations on their new single.

Carried Away - Expectations (Official Music Video)

Welcome to the world of Toronto-based alternative band, Carried Away. Formed in 2015 by four friends with an obvious passion for the catchy, upbeat sounds of early 2000s pop punk and the angst of the Emo scene, Carried Away have carved out a niche for themselves by creating a sound that whilst being instantly familiar and thus commercial, is undoubtedly their own.

Since releasing their debut EP, ‘Intrepid’ in 2016, which was closely followed by the single ‘Glass’, Carried Away have toured Ontario and Quebec multiple times, building up a strong following and have had in excess of 100,000 streams on Spotify.   Carried Away’s new single, ‘Expectations’ is set to build on these already impressive achievements.

‘Expectations’ is an everyday tale of modern day relationship tribulations and creating a false reality around the person you love. Vocalist Madison Crombie will instantly remind the listener of Avril Lavigne, whilst the rest of the band (Daniel Alexandrov; Oleksii Koval and Justin Fabian) provide a musical backdrop full of raw intensity which suitably compliments the onslaught of raw emotion presented in the song’s lyrics. Not only is ‘Expectations’ a fantastic pop song and one that will make any self-respecting fan of early naughties predominantly US pop-rock sit up and take notice, it is accompanied by a video which perfectly befits its theme and tone. With ‘Expectations’, the Canadian four piece have given us something to get carried away about in 2018.


Review by Alice Jones

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