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Carey Clayton – Ladders [Review]

Carey Clayton – Ladders [Review]

Carey Clayton shares his dynamic new tune Ladders.

Perfectly mellow and one of a kind, Ladders is the latest track from the superbly talented Carey Clayton. Taking inspiration between postcard nature and bustling city life, Carey Clayton has produced a track that mirrors these themes wonderfully. The laid back guitar tones and soft, rising vocals create a calm backdrop to the busy and slightly jarring synth melodies. There’s not one part of the track that doesn’t keep you interested.

The vocals reach the same lofty heights as Thom Yorke and the playful melody wouldn’t be out of place in a Bibio banger. The overall arrangement is similar to the latter, with the mix of synth and acoustic sounding guitar fitting together as one. Ladders is an excellently crafted tune that you will not be forgetting in a while.

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