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Caravela – Car [Review]

Caravela – Car [Review]

This is ‘Car’, the new one from from indie rock outfit Caravela.

You know, any rock song that’s under two and a half minutes needs to start quickly, throw in the hook and pull your emotions so deliberately and effortlessly that it’s over before you know it. This latest offering from New York band of brothers Frank and Stephen Graniero, Car, is another slick and tight number from Caravela, and certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Car certainly highlights Caravela’s appealing way with this no-messing chorus driven, refrain hooked melody as you drive, windows down, euphoric going somewhere, anywhere.

Rock tunes don’t have to be complicated operettas, or self-indulgent recounts of groupies and hair-salons and Car proves it. As the tune opens up from its quick crashing rhythm section and thump of lead guitar driven harmony, the feeling takes you metaphorically to the inspiration of the tune – of driving on your own across New York’s Triboro bridge. Although, it could be any bridge really, since it’s about moving forward, about being fluid and having the determination to seek out adventure and escape the world of normality. It just happens to be this bridge, and if you’ve been across it, you’ve got one heck of a soundtrack to run with.


Review by Craig Beauman

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