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The Caracals – In The Dark [Review]

The Caracals – In The Dark [Review]

The Caracals show off their unique brand of Californian indie-rock in their debut single ‘In the Dark’

Although The Caracals earned their stripes playing with Hanni El Khatib, ‘In the Dark’ sees the Californian group stepping up front and centre for the first time, and the results are magic. The seamless indie-rock track was mastered by Brian Lucey, an industry icon who has worked with The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, Royal Blood, and countless others.

‘In the Dark’ opens to indie-folk vibes and vocal harmonies, with the acoustic energy of The Kooks’ early work. However, just after the 40 second mark, the squeal of electric guitar transitions the track to a lively surf rock sound that is timeless, yet distinctly Californian. The use of Spanish castanets further cements this geographical setting, by embracing the Latin elements of Southern California. The production is very tight here. The pace is perfect, changing up enough to keep you on your toes, but not so much that it becomes disorientating.

Like their fellow Californians, The Growlers, who aptly labelled their sound ‘Beach Goth’, The Caracals are drawing from a wide musical history of surf, indie, rock, and garage. Through it all, however, their own unique voice shines through, and it’s a voice we can’t wait to hear more of.


Review by Lucy O’Toole

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