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Cap’n Marble – Song For Ella [Review]

Cap’n Marble – Song For Ella [Review]

Cap’n Marble’s new track Song For Ella is a jaunty ride back to the 60s era.

The first thing that grabs you is the toe-tapping flow and the remarkable fluidity. It’s a well crafted and utterly memorable piece of laidback 60s infused psych-pop, that has all the elements to make you sway. Recorded in their home studio, John Dasilva and Ryan Arshonsky have developed a fresh take on a formula that has been around for decades and made it their own.

Song For Ella has many influences present, which are all tied together impeccably. You have the dreamy vocal melody of The Beatles, fused with the lucid chord progressions of The Animals. It’s a track that showcases pure 60s revival ideas at their finest. There are even dashes of Piper At The Gates Of Dawn era Pink Floyd thrown into the mix to give the track a sumptuous psychedelic dimension. Song For Ella is the latest in a long line of releases for the exceptional artists from America & hopefully 2021 will be just as busy for them!

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