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Cameron Calloway – Supernatural [Review]

Cameron Calloway – Supernatural [Review]

‘Supernatural’ is the latest single from R&B artist Cameron Calloway’s My Neighborhood EP.

The Las Vegas based singer-songwriter recently performed at the 5th annual Life Is Beautiful Music Festival alongside acts such as Chance the Rapper, Lorde and Muse, and following his latest release it’s easy to see why. Calloway’s sound possesses a listenable and soulful quality which would complement the stylings of a number of artists, defying categorization and taking elements from genres such as pop, jazz and rap.

The track is carried by Calloway’s impressive vocals and although he is incredibly expressive the sound he has created is relaxed and his performance is restrained. ‘Supernatural’ never truly finds fifth gear and yet it still manages to capture the imagination, leaving the listener wanting more as Calloway’s velvety voice fades out.

‘Supernatural’ is a cool and smooth effort from Calloway with an upbeat rhythm and sincere vocals, and by the time that it ends you know that you’ve listened to an exceedingly talented artist.


Review by Ben Whittaker

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