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Calligraphist – Dynamo [Review]

Calligraphist – Dynamo [Review]

Sit back and mellow out as poetic lyricist, Calligraphist has released Dynamo, a brand new cut with the sole purpose to soothe the senses.

Originally from Bulgaria, Calligraphist has taken the underground Hip Hop scene by storm. After winning the Kool G Rap’s Emcee competition at the age of 20, the now Manchester based hip-hop artist presents another piece of self-proclaimed audio literature, bringing a certain romanticism to the genre.

The superb use of vivid imagery, which is akin to artists like Aesop Rock, shine through the spoken flow, encapsulating this romanticised vibe surrounding death. It’s not a morbid viewpoint taken here, it’s more to do with acceptance of the inevitable, elegantly presented with lyrics like ‘We move on ‘till the end…Just like those leaves we fall, gentle by the weather’.

The smooth bass hook, relaxed guitar melody and ticking drum beat also aid with keeping the morbidness at bay. There is an air of ‘easy listening’ to it, reminiscent of Jack Johnson, particularly in the chorus which balances the tune out, mixing it up in the right way to make you sway along keeping it pleasant on the ears to make you listen on repeat.

Don’t get me wrong, this still a modern hip-hop banger, and the cross genre influence brings an added dimension to the tune which has proved quite successful in recent times with others in the hip hop sphere. This is sure-fire to get you in the mood for summer.


Review by Tom Crowder

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