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Caiti Patton – Animals [Review]

Caiti Patton – Animals [Review]

This is ‘Animals’, the new track from US singer-songwriter Caiti Patton.

Caiti’s music is a blend of easy going, positive and personal vibes which have taken influences from a variety of genres. Her latest track “Animals” an epic indie electro pop track that makes you feel you’re in the music. Having taken stabs at both the folk and pop genres, she plans on expanding her horizon even farther.

Caiti says that her goal for this current project “is to do what I love and hope people enjoy it as much as I do. I want to inspire and encourage people to go out in the world and fulfil their dreams. No dream is too big. I’m a firm believer in dreaming big”.

Working hard and continually writing music, she manufactures tracks that have you singing along as loud as you can with not a care in the world. Every track is in some form an earworm, being stuck in your head for days on end. She is continually writing new music and her enthusiasm to share it with the world grows more and more everyday. Her repertoire continues to grow as well, as she continues to collaborate with new artists and experiments with writing in different genres.

Review by Charlie Hall

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