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bülow – You & Jennifer [Review]

bülow – You & Jennifer [Review]

bülow gets epically spiteful and soulful on her latest single, ‘You & Jennifer’.

Like all the best pop tracks, ‘You & Jennifer’ achieves a perfect balance between vocal expressions of raw emotion and great story-telling. But the most remarkable part of it all is that this track, like the rest of the ‘Damaged Vol. 2’ EP, was written by German-born bülow as she finished up high school.

Despite her young years, bülow has a highly developed sense of her own musical identity. Her gritty brand of pop pulls from a wide range of influences, including EDM, hip-hop, R&B and emo. The resulting sound is something entirely unique, but also something you’re going to want to hear more of. The use of electronic layered vocals doesn’t mask the fact that bülow’s voice is gorgeously tender, managing to find real power in vulnerability.

bülow’s lyrics are refreshingly frank, as she paints the emotional picture of an irrevocably damaged relationship. She powerfully, and explicitly, captures the feelings of betrayal and anger of someone on the wrong side of a love triangle: ‘Go pretend that you’re just friends, I’ll pretend that I’m not hurt.’

‘You & Jennifer’ is a song that revels in feelings of youthfulness and recklessness, but there’s also a certain world-weariness present that adds interesting depth to the song. bülow’s talent is undeniable, and it shine bright on ‘You & Jennifer.’


Review by Lucy O’Toole

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