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Brutus Begins – The Nothing Here [Review]

Brutus Begins – The Nothing Here [Review]

Brutus Begins is starting out all over again with his brand-new track ‘The Nothing Here’.

This psych-folk-indie track orientates around a simple but imaginative set of piano chords that take the song from space age to minimalistic. It’s all about disillusionment flowering into crisis all wrapped up in a simple poetic manner.

Brutus Begins is a project by psych-folk artist Ricardo Temporao. Resampling and processing elements of nature, acoustic instruments and synthesizers to create a sonic landscape that blurs the lines between the real and the reconstructed, he tackles the impossible. ‘The Nothing Here’ shows off this ability to create from scratch and build a track up from nothing take everything step by step in this dream like state Temporao is able to create between each ear.

The songwriting and storytelling remain the heart of the song and within a world that mirrors our own its hard for the track to simply exist. Not only that but the track also mirrors different elements of 70s lo-fi and early nineties power bands such as The Verve and early Oasis. Creating a whole wave of emotions its hard to just sit back and listen to this track as it washes over you commenting on our ambitions and ultimately our evolution.


Review by Charlie Hall

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