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Alt pop artist Rylan Talerico, aka Brother Sundance, has released a killer tune that is equally evocative and catchy.

The slow tempo rhythm mirrors the theme of heartache that comes with a romantic relationship that has hit the rocks. The use of male and female vocals throws you into the midst of the relationship, heartfelt and reflective. You also get a sense that you are hearing both sides of the story which is a fantastic touch as usually you only hear one.

Its a far cry from his previous musical venture where he created a punk/blues band that was popular on the Florida music scene. ‘Blind’ unequivocally showcases his maturing talent, which is particularly impressive seeing as he is not even 20 yet. The production value is on point, and the vocal style has a strength that perfectly emulates artists that are many years his senior. This is the same for the female vocal tracks, which are on the same par as the talented Floridan.

The debut EP, ‘Honey’, is out now and has already gained recognition across streaming sites, not to mention being Apple Music’s Artist of the Week. It’s easy to see why, as the craft of songwriting and maturity really does put him head and shoulders above the rest. So when you’re next feeling reflective, sit down and have a listen and take a dose of that sweet, sweet catharsis.


Review by Tom Crowder

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