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Brett – Roman Candle [Review]

Brett – Roman Candle [Review]

LA band Brett have derailed from their norms and tried something new with their most recent single ‘Roman Candle’.

The song starts with a hypnotic guitar riff that has a desirable sticky twang and is added to by a rhythmic guitar that helplessly induces a sense of The Cure. This Cure-aura is made stronger by the lonely bassline in the verses and the reintroduction of the spacey rhythm guitars in the chorus. Snappy drums keep everything moving forward as they pair with anxiously flowing feedback and the angular guitars to shape the songs sonic character.

‘Roman Candle’ is a contemplation on the state of the world in current times and this can be highlighted in the apocalyptic nature and sense of dread in the lyrics. The heavy manner of the guitars and artistic use of feedback to create negative energy helps to hammer home this gloomy message. However, there is a calmness to ‘Roman Candle’ that suggests Brett have found peace in the worlds insanity. Although it is their first attempt at this style of music, Brett have succeeded in creating a melodic yet morose and retro yet relevant song.


Review by Matt Fishwick

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