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Branch to Root – Home [Review]

Branch to Root – Home [Review]

This is ‘Home’, the new single from alt-rock band Branch to Root.

To call a tune ‘Home’ has a certain resonance and pedigree in anyone’s life. It either harks back to a time when we lived at home, or left home, or didn’t make it home, or moved into a new home, or lost a though, feeling or someone. Or, like me, it made me reach for Public Image Limited’s seminal hit about ‘not liking this old town’. A sense of loss or direction is always a difficult choice to lyricise.

As the band’s name, Branch to Root, could suggest (albeit I guess the name is meant to be obscure) the tune looks at having a top-to-bottom covering of something significant. Whether ‘Home’ is about parents, friends, siblings, or the loss of; of growing up, or the loss of, finding kindred spirits, or the loss of, the haunting digression from perhaps deliberate long-winded intro into crashing specific narrative is still alluring having listened to this track from the forthcoming album ‘Goodbye’, more times than I care to remember.

Perhaps this tune represents a metaphor of relationships… I haven’t decided. Yet. And, I like that. Music can be more than music. ‘Home’ makes that for me. The tune unfolds to raise questions or simply asks about the contrast between what may be and what is not. What was and what was is not. If you appreciate alternative non-pedigree rock, you’ll appreciate this one.


Review by Craig Beauman

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