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Boy Willows – Flawlessa [Review]

Boy Willows – Flawlessa [Review]

Boy Willows beams us to another plain of existence with his fantastic new track Flawlessa.

Growing up with peaceful and serene surroundings of Maryland certainly had an effect on the musical stylings of Boy Willows. His new track Flawlessa takes turn after turn down uncharted territory you will be bemused and thrilled all the at the same time. He takes us off the tarmacked road of conformity, past the dirt tracks of the offbeat and fully transcends us to another place of surrealism lesser seen in the musical world.

Folk meets symphony meets jazz and the list goes on, Boy Willow hasn’t settled for one style or even a couple from the pick a mix stand and instead has tried to cram as much as he can in his track. Despite these twists and turns you don’t lost in translation, the track is euphoric and you really feel like an earth child no matter what your surroundings. Flawlessa is as unique as it is timeless and is track well worth delving into and letting yourself go fully, drifting off in whatever direction it takes you.

Picking out one simple part of the track to concentrate on is just impossible, its laced and layered with so much but at the same time has a slender feeling of simplicity. Willow Boy’s of song writing, film scoring and music production has definitely helped in the production of Flawlessa as a lesser experienced hand may have over egged the pudding but Willow Boy gives just enough of everything in just the right places to infuse the track sublimely.

In short a psychedelic peek into what music a forest makes when no human ears are around to hear it, the harmonies of the trees mixed with lyrical ensemble of the foliage below all naturally sourced and beautifully organic.


Review by Matthew Waters

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