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Box the Oxford – Bones / Someone [Review]

Box the Oxford – Bones / Someone [Review]

Self-proclaimed ‘indie surf band’ Box the Oxford showcase their blithe beach vibes with singles ‘Bones’ and ‘Someone’, taken from their debut album WILD.

Originating from San Luis Obispo, California, the band is composed of Andrew Krippner (lead vocals and guitar), Colton Stapper (lead guitar), David Muxlow (bass guitar) and Eric Osborn (drums). They have shared a stage with indie artists Kid Cadaver and DWNTWN and are becoming rising stars on the West Coast music scene.

The colourful sound of their latest singles make you feel like you’re spending a day at the beach. ‘Bones’ shows great potential from this young band. Its sunny feel, charismatic guitar riffs and melodic chorus, create a carefree sound that evokes nothing but good vibrations.

‘Someone’ is driven by Osborn’s pop-punk roots, with the up-tempo percussion creating an enigmatic dance inducing hit. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for this refreshingly happy sounding indie band.


Review by Kate Pearson

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