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Bosco Ramos – Mayflies [Review]

Bosco Ramos – Mayflies [Review]

After a year on the road, Belfast’s Bosco Ramos are back to offer up a fuzzed-up frenzy on new single ‘Mayflies’. 

20 seconds in to what is undoubtedly their best single yet, Bosco Ramos allow a brief respite from the preceding chaos, a pondering few moments of silence that serves almost as a polite opportunity for the unprepared listener to get out while they can – what follows is a pure, adrenaline-soaked sonic attack that threatens to delightfully punch a hole through the ear-lobes. 

As abrasive as the sound may be, the band manage to temper the assault with catchy hooks and pop sensibilities, carefully controlling the barrage despite the raucous punk energy running throughout.  

By principally using the bass and drums to drive the sound forward, a technique normally employed by electronic-heavy artists, the band have actually created a fairly unique sound not altogether too far away from New York punk legends Suicide, who similarly utilized doom-laden fuzz to great effect, albeit with different instrumentation. 

‘Mayflies’ is ultimately the sound of a band going from strength to strength and having a great time along the way. Expect them to be a tearing up a club near you soon. 

Review by Jamie George

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