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Borito – My Kind of Love [Review]

Borito – My Kind of Love [Review]

Indie-pop group Borito share their new track My Kind of Love.

My Kind of Love // Borito

Borito carry on from their debut release with their next single, My Kind of Love. It’s a scintillating piece of well-crafted indie-pop from their upcoming album, What We Have Now. The shimmering guitar effects and the outstanding vocals work in tandem, producing a special sound that’s uniquely theirs.

Throughout the tune, you get an awesome sense of nostalgia. The lo-fi style and psychedelic flow take you back to the summers of years gone by. It’s infectious, carefree and memorable all at once. My Kind of Love is a fun-loving, catchy piece of indie-pop that you can listen to no matter what mood you’re in.

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