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Boom Dice ft. MadLeo – Extroverts [Review]

Boom Dice ft. MadLeo – Extroverts [Review]

Boom Dice has released his latest track Extroverts.

The ever-versatile Boom Dice has teamed up with MadLeo in his latest number. Extroverts takes a mostly minimalist approach, as the bass and percussion set the scene from the off. MadLeo’s well constructed vocal lines work in tandem with the general feel of the tune, maintaining that sinister groove Extroverts possesses.

Extroverts is up there with the best in the dark-pop sphere. It’s easy to see why as Boom Dice has many accolades to his name, including Grammy nominations and Brit Awards from his work with some of this generation’s best selling musical artists. MadLeo’s contribution to the track is not to be ignored either, as together, they both have the necessary talent for the sky to be their limit. Extroverts is out now on all streaming platforms.

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