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Boohoo – A Pursuit of Sorts EP [Review]

Boohoo – A Pursuit of Sorts EP [Review]

Boohoo share their debut EP A Pursuit of Sorts.

A Pursuit of Sorts is the first and only release so far from Boohoo, who blend hip-hop-inspired rhythms with aspects of glitch. It’s an EP that is short but sweet, with 4 out of the 5 tracks being sub 2 minutes. Even though the experience is less than 10 minutes, it is more than enough time for you to like what you hear and discover what Boohoo are all about.

Boohoo’s sound is what you can imagine the lovechild between Toro y Moi and Death Grips would be like. The first three tracks, Alone, Both and Twin all have a distinguished hip hop beat, with snippets of mechanical glitch thrown in. It keeps your ears pricked, making sure you are still listening. The unexpected tangent change epitomises this EP; an EP that is bold and assured of itself, whilst remaining catchy throughout.

By the time you come to the last two tracks, Forever and Ode, the jazz influences start to shine through. They are both more subdued, but still pique your interest, as the mellow, lucid musicality washes over you. The smart use of vocal sampling in Ode is used excellently and is where the production really comes into its own.

A Pursuit of Sorts is a refreshing take on the ever-evolving hip-hop landscape. It’s one of those releases that come along every once in a while that’s designed to make you sit up and ponder what comes next.

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