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Blurred Out – Meadows [Review]

Blurred Out – Meadows [Review]

Exploding onto the indie-grunge scene with a noisy new track Meadows, we think Oakland band Blurred Out are on to something awesome.



This funky-fuzz tune is instantly likeable, driven by the smooth bass and jarring guitar work. Distorted vocals accompany the killer riffs, while the shuffling beat keep everything ticking over nicely.

Born out of a jamming session, this is a track you can’t help but bop to. According to the band, it began with bassist Kresimir goofing around and zoning out between songs – those of us in bands can surely relate. Victor (guitar and vocals) and Jonathan (drums) joined in to ‘snap him out of it’ but instead gave birth to the song we have before us.

It’s no surprise this is how Meadows was conceived. You can feel the great chemistry from first listen. There’s an unmistakable feel good factor too, exuding confidence with every passing second.

This is the first single Blurred Out have put out, but there’s a maturity in the craft of the song that sounds like a band who’ve been releasing material for years. They walk the perfect line between heavy-hitting and chilled-out melodies, sounding like an emerging indie-psych band who can really grasp a genre and make it their own.

Blurred Out have also released a B-side to Meadows which you can check out on their Bandcamp below.


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