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Bluestaeb – Mind Feat. Noah Slee & MAÏA [Review]

Bluestaeb – Mind Feat. Noah Slee & MAÏA [Review]

‘Mind’ is the first single from German producer Bluestaeb’s latest album, Everything Is Always A Process.

The track is a collaborative effort between Bluestaeb, New Zealand’s Noah Slee, and Australia’s MAÏA, featuring soulful instrumentals and a gentle rhythm. The song ebbs and flows, displaying a sense of confidence from the artists through mellow vocals and a chilled tone, making it just as easy to listen to the tenth time as it was the first.

As the song progresses it increases in tempo, with jazz undertones giving it a tranquil feel. There’s also an R&B vibe to ‘Mind’ as piano keys disturb the otherwise consistent beat, and as a whole the track feels wonderfully controlled yet also experimental.

‘Mind’ is a smooth, measured and well produced effort. Bluestaeb, Slee and MAÏA have come together to create a cohesive, laidback track, full of tempo and assurance, proving their talents both collectively and as solo artists.


Review by Ben Whittaker

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