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Blue Painted Flag – Basically Everything Is Just A Play [Review]

Blue Painted Flag – Basically Everything Is Just A Play [Review]

‘Basically Everything Is Just A Play’ by Blue Painted Flag is a sneak-peak into the underground indie scene of Stockholm.

Did you know that there was an indie scene in Stockholm? Neither did I. Blue Painted Flag is a one man band that originated from the terraces of their local football team. Formed in early 2017, the band’s signature sound is a combination of relatively dark lyrics with mellow instrumentals.

Don’t be fooled that this band came from the Swedish football scene, their sound certainly doesn’t sound like it. It’s very different to the angry British football hooliganism inspired bands of the 70’s and 80’s such as The Cockney Rejects. Instead, it’s the kind of music you could listen to on warm summer day with a cold beer in your hand, as dreamy sounding guitar makes you feel a thousand miles away from the regular hostile atmospheres of modern football stadiums. it’s executed very well, and it’s clear to see that the songwriting process of the band is very attentive and precise, which produces a very impressive and polished sound.  

This single comes from the band’s upcoming EP ‘Nearly Alive, Almost Home’, which is due to be released on the 23rd of March.


Review by Joseph Russ

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