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Blessed – Superfly [Review]

Blessed – Superfly [Review]

Punk Rockstar Blessed laughs in the face of conformity with his retro punk new single Superfly.

Ghana born Blessed is taking a walk untethered by the big label he has spent most of his life signed to. Now hailing from Australia where he has lived for many years Blessed is not only a Blessing to his family but to the music world as a whole. The musician, producer and songwriter show us not only skill and a seasoned ear for someone so young but the fun side to producing music.

The track Superfly comes clean off the back of his debut EP Love Letters which aired for the first time in June 2017. His archival little black book of tracks also include the single Insanity and My World which have rocked up over 400,00 plays on Spotify as well as being an upload of the week on MTV.

Superfly buzzes with a retro flare of hip hop, soul and pop. A slower drawn drum beat only amplifies the punk rock lyrics that lay bare the raw brashness of youth and shaky financial stability but puts a great emphasis upon still feeling fly and displaying this state of emotion in every room you walk in.

Blessed will be taking part in his first ever tour support JOY and Anfa Rose, stopping in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane this March and April. This coupled with his selection to showcase at BIGSOUND 2017 and open Field Day 2017 show that 2018 is going to be a big year for the artist, 4 million streams on Spotify and counting are testament enough to that.

With such a mixed bag of talent Blessed is already touching the ears of a nation in Australia but is also crossing borders and being received with compliment internationally. His Retro style is a sound he has dragged into this century, spiking it with layers of pop and hip hop whilst still relaying a message all too understand by youth and old today, visionary flare for lyrics means this artist is only just starting his journey.


Review by Matthew Waters

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