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Blackwave – ARP299 [Review]

Blackwave – ARP299 [Review]

Belgian hip hop duo Blackwave share their track ARP299.

blackwave - ARP final

Blackwave have taken elements of 90s hip hop and upgraded it with a fresh take on the genre. The flow of the track is filled with high energy, leaving no place for any mundane vibes. The drum beat and the sampled vocals compliment each other perfectly, instantly making you sway.

Nas is an obvious influence here, with the rap style mirroring the ferocity of the 90s hip-hop icon. There is a rawness to the style too, accentuated by the excellent production. The closest resemblance to this would be Jurassic 5 with their mix of laid back, yet energetic flow, along side their funkified take on a rocky core beat. Blackwave have taken different parts from these styles and created something that is totally likeable and will leave you wanting more.

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