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‘King Kong’ is the latest track from the Danish/Swedish musical project Black Light White Light, centred on singer-songwriter Martin Ejlertsen.

The single is taken from the troupe’s third album, Horizons, a dark pop record intended to address concepts like duality, dream states and self-destruction. According to Ejlertsen, ‘King Kong’ tackles themes of craving and passion – that which attracts and repels in the same instance.

These ideas are intriguing but somewhat uncommon in mainstream music, so it’s no surprise that Black Light White Light are heavily influenced by film, with Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive, Only God Forgives, The Neon Demon) and David Lynch (Mullholland Drive) being cited as inspiration for their work. ‘King Kong’s’ official video is unquestionably cinematic, with psychedelic imagery and a variety of shots creating the perfect backdrop for a song which is intended to capture a simultaneously beautiful yet terrifying atmosphere.

The song is moody, hypnotic, and experimental, complemented by a video which is wonderfully strange and oddly compelling.

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