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Bjørn Nes – Abacus [Album Review]

Bjørn Nes – Abacus [Album Review]

Bjørn Nes shares his new album, Abacus.

With a passion for turning what makes popular music on its head, Nes has released a full-length album that presents his ideas in a classy way. It’s an album full of twists and turns, as the many genres combine to create an album that is truly one of a kind.

Abacus isn’t your standard rock album. Although the album is mainly guitar-driven, there is elements of classical music and easy-listening/funk thrown into the mix. To give an example, the first track 1983 Overture/Element of Crime begins with blistering, 80s inspired guitar licks, only for it to give way to a sweet, pop-rock inspired jaunt. This similar fusion of genres is apparent in Othello and I, as a funkified rhythm seeps elegantly into spellbinding guitar work. The part of the album that stands out is the midsection which is where the classical inspiration really takes shape. Nes binds orchestral strings and neoclassical electric guitar together, in turn leaving an almighty impression on the listener.

Abacus really pushes you to think long and hard at what you should expect of popular music, and proves that complex arrangement and thinking outside the box can also pay off. It certainly has here, but don’t take my word for it, Abacus is out now for all to enjoy.

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