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Bevan – One & Only [Review]

Bevan – One & Only [Review]

Bevan starts 2021 by releasing his infectious new single One & Only.

Drawing influence from 60s greats, Paul Simon and Brian Wilson, Bevan brings out the best of both, fusing them effortlessly with a modern approach. One & Only has a fine balance of memorable pop sensibilities and toe-tappingly good rhythms, that are designed to take a hold of you. It’s unsurprising that something so good has come from the mind of the talented multi-instrumentalist, as music has been his bread and butter for some time.

The thing that caught my eye with this one is the shrewd use of world music traits. It’s now quite common for pop producers to use afrobeat rhythms, however, it’s not often that it enhances their track. It usually renders the tune as a run-of-the-mill fad song – an exercise in jumping on the bandwagon. One & Only is different as the afrobeat style is accentuated by the way Bevan changes the focus throughout the track. It ebbs and flows, placed with purpose, to give the song another dimension, rather than being there because it’s popular. I’m sure once you give One & Only a whirl, you won’t want to be putting it down in a hurry.

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