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Ben Talmi – The Fear of Missing Out [Review]

Ben Talmi – The Fear of Missing Out [Review]

Ben Talmi’s ‘The Fear of Missing Out’ is the first single from ‘Distractionism’, an album composed in just three weeks in Hudson New York.

Following up on the 2017 album ‘My Art of Almost’, Talmi’s latest single laments our relationship with technology and the way it effects our interactions through a blend of soft spoken warnings and regretful observations. The song pendulums between calm acceptance and regretful desperation, beginning with upbeat electronic percussion before lulling when the song’s title signals the end of the first chorus.

Perhaps Talmi’s biggest success with ‘The Fear of Missing Out’ is that the lyrics never feel preachy despite the track’s clear agenda, and it’s fitting that Talmi wrote the song during a period of isolation from the aptly described “tools that keep us in each other’s lives”. The singer-songwriter’s methodology brings a level of credibility to proceedings, and his approach provides greater gravitas to lines such as “you think they bring us closer that’s a lie” and “we are so scared to unplug, everyone wants to feel loved”.

‘The Fear of Missing Out’ is a thoughtful reflection on our times, simultaneously sombre yet aggressive, up-tempo yet sorrowful, and it’s these contrasts which make it such a compelling single.


Review by Ben Whittaker

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