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Ben Paulo – I Came Here For You [Review]

Ben Paulo – I Came Here For You [Review]

London-based DJ and producer Ben Paulo has released his debut single ‘I Came Here For You.’

Growing up between the U.K. and Angola, South Africa, Paulo got his start in music at age 12 when he taught himself how to play the piano and then sold self-composed ringtones at school for $10. In retrospect, it seems as if every encounter, production, and deal has led to this incendiary entrance:

Paulo produced tracks in FL Studio for local artists until he was discovered by Anselmo Ralph, an Angolan singer. His work soon led to a deal with a publishing company in Atlanta, all leading up to the present—residing in London and using his multicultural worldview to create a voice previously unheard of in the genre of house music.

The track features fervent vocals by singer Leela Thompson and a lively melody that plays along the delicate line between electronic creativity and instrumental prowess.

Basically, the ‘I Came Here For You’ feels good. It feels like releasing the tension of a long work week on the dancefloor. The beat is reminiscent of Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa’s ‘One Kiss,’ and the message isn’t all that different.

Paulo describes the sentiment of the song as fixing to “break down the barriers of pride and allow us to be a little more vulnerable.” What else is dancing for, if not being a bit less stuffy and a bit more let loose?

If this vibrant debut is a promise of what is to come, I’m looking forward to letting go and listening to Ben Paulo’s tracks with the volume all the way up, any worries all the way gone.


By Madison Obermeyer

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