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Ben – Deep Hope & Joy [Review]

Ben – Deep Hope & Joy [Review]

This is Deep Hope & Joy, the latest album from London-based singer-songwriter Ben.


On this album, Ben has gone back to his acoustic roots, creating a lo-fi and at times melancholy sound rather far removed from his previous work. Each track radiates a passion and sincerity, which creates a series of engaging listens despite the song’s stripped back natures.

Although Ben has written and recorded 7 albums in the last 20 years, this is only his second commercial release. The first ‘BoiSoundsPresents’ was a tribute to his heady teen years at the Camden Palace when electro pop hit him like a Casio from the ether – with some radio plays and the honour of closing Pride in London.

Originally, ‘Deep Hope & Joy’ was intended to be just a solo acoustic guitar project. But as ever, the universe had other plans; and as more people heard about a new project they came and collaborated –including Leee John (Imagination), Jenny Bellestar, Mark Teitler (The Grinning Man), Sophia Mackay (Thriller Live), Ashok Klouda [Cello], Marina Moon and Paul Chivers (Ramjac) on the desk and co-producing.

According to Ben “Once a song is done, Ben says he no longer owns it; it belongs to the listener- and what ever they take from it.” I think that’s a philosophy we can all get behind.

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