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Baseball Game – Woman [Review]

Baseball Game – Woman [Review]

American duo, Baseball Game, have released a hauntingly relaxing lo-fi tune, Woman.

The impressive thing about this track is, while it’s fairly minimal musically, it remains catchy and lures you right in. If it isn’t the tonally full, yet vibrant, bass line that gets you, it will be the soft, reverb-soaked vocals draped over the top. The mix of the individual parts create the perfect atmosphere to instantly put you at ease and allows you sink into other layers of the song.

The main influence that jumps out is the bedroom/lo-fi/pop rock contemporary, Mac DeMarco. The difference is that Baseball Game have tweaked it enough to bring their own style to it, with tinges of synth effects that could be taken directly from an 80’s pop ballad. Overall, this is a gentle piece of music that you will keep coming back to for a while.

By Tom Crowder

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