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Bandeta – Medusa [Review]

Bandeta – Medusa [Review]

Bandeta, the alternative rock band hailing from Van Nuys, California, have released their newest single, ‘Medusa.’

Reminiscent of 80s and 90s rock, Medusa is a devilishly thrilling track with electronic guitar prevalent as the heartbeat of the song. The amount of passion behind ‘Medusa’ is enough to make me want to buy a ticket and book the next plane out to Los Angeles to see this trio live.

Between band members Oscar Lopez, Leo Quevas, and Chris Stansberry, two of the three are bilingual, resulting in tracks recorded and performed in both English and Spanish.

Bandeta has championed alt rock with ‘Medusa’—it is at once spooky and intriguing with the skill and badasserie of the rock genre.

It is easy to see the band’s influences; the duality and playfulness of language, the ever-changing identity of Californian cool, the nearly soulful presence brought to stage by rock music.

‘Medusa’ is a vigorous display of guitar, bass and drums, sure to turn heads and develop a solid fanbase—as solid as stone, you could say.


By Madison Obermeyer

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