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Bad Flamingo – Butter [Review]

Bad Flamingo – Butter [Review]

Bad Flamingo have dropped their new blues inspired track Butter.

Butter is a memorable and soothing bit of blues pop that’s so laidback it’s horizontal.  Bad Flamingo bring a sumptuous combination of catchy vocal melodies and raw guitar tones that instantly connect with you. The song is well rounded, with a dusting of subtle grit over the top, adding another layer to the chilled out soundscape.

There’s a stripped back nature to the piece too which is wonderfully reminiscent of Alabama Shakes. It’s the raw guitar tones and memorable vocal style which nestles the duo comfortably in the lazy blues pop genre. Like Alabama Shakes, you aren’t forced to enjoy the track – you just do. The meandering guitar and tight bass line go hand in hand, producing a track that you won’t be forgetting in a while.

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