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Bad Cop – Dreamer Man [Review]

Bad Cop – Dreamer Man [Review]

Back with their first proper release in four years, Nashville natives Bad Cop show no signs of rust with swaggering single ‘Dreamer Man’.

The band had been turning a lot of heads back in 2013 with their incendiary brand of glammed-up garage punk along with a reputation for raucously energetic live shows that had seen them build up a strong underground following in their native US and beyond. The band were seemingly on an unstoppable upward trajectory with the announcement of their second full-length record, originally slated for a winter 2016 release. A number of delays, however, followed by the tragic death of guitarist and co-founder Alex Hartness, cast doubts on the likelihood of the record ever seeing the light of day.

That was until April this year, when the band announced that the long-awaited Hello, Mr. Sunshine, would finally be getting its belated release in June 2018. Lead single ‘Dreamer Man’ sets the tone for what is a triumphant and staggeringly well-realised back-to-basics garage rock ‘n’ roll album, with frontman Adam Moult taking it upon himself to re-inject some swaggering confidence and authority into a genre that is so often forced to wallow in sub-par irrelevance.

Toning down the lo-fi scuzz of 2014’s Wish You Well…and Goodbye E.P., ‘Dreamer Man’ boasts hooks galore as Moult rails against the obfuscation of reality brought on through blind, pill-popping hedonism. It’s an ambitious tune that thankfully never falls under the weight of its own grandiosity, helped in part by the brilliant production and impressively tight musicianship, and aided in turn by the gloriously hyperbolic trumpets that really make track the track soar, no more so than in the infectiously catchy chorus.

Hello, Mr. Sunshine is out now through Jeffery Drag Records. It may have been a long wait, but one that’s most definitely been worth it.


Review by Jamie George

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