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Ayley – Worst Days [Review]

Ayley – Worst Days [Review]

Ayley releases the awesome new single ‘Worst Days’.

Your day is about to get better! Ayley is ready to laugh off the past and move forward with her brand new release for ‘Worst Days’. For fans of Billie Eilish, this track breathes life back into our week! An exciting release for Ayley who found herself creating a catchy masterpiece after feeling low. Recorded at London’s Gess Productions, the song came together as a result of the amazing collaboration between Ayley and her producer. Listen to ‘Worst Days’, there is no doubt this track will turn your week around.

Ayley’s past wasn’t always easy on the road to becoming the professional singer/songwriter she is today. In fact, Ayley had previously released music under an entirely different name. Creating a fresh start, ‘Ayley’ is actually part reference to the word ‘Alien’ after feeling like she had been misunderstood and different to others. Already excited to perform live, she is a promising artist with plenty to give. We are excited for the long and fantastic journey ahead of Ayley!

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