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Avaastavik – Aagam [Review]

Avaastavik – Aagam [Review]

Psytrance producer Avaastavik releases hypnotic video for latest single ‘Aagam’.


A psytrance realisation of the Lord Shiva’s arrival to earth to save it from evil, ‘Aagam’ is the latest release to come from Indian producer Avaastavik. With hypnotic animation that entices with Lord Shiva’s iconography including the embellishing crescent moon on his head, the holy river Ganga flowing from his matted hair, the third eye on his forehead, this video is a treat for the senses. Galvanising beats propel you through the story in adoration of the divine lord Shiva. Avaastavik offers a powerful tribute with ‘Aagam’.

Avaastavik is an Indian DJ and producer specializing in the subgenre of psychedelic trance / techno and heavy bass trap. His name comes from the hindi Indian language meaning ‘unreal’ coming from the psytrance mindset. A multi-talented artist, he has travelled across India meeting new people and discovering new places and pouring these experiences into his music. Since starting to produce in 2016 he has moved away from techno and has found his sound in psytrance.

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