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ASTN – Love No More [Review]

ASTN – Love No More [Review]

We were blown away by R&B singer and producer ASTN, and his incredible track Love No More.



ASTN really impresses on this new track, with his ice-cool vibes, laid-back style and incredible vocal talent.

Love No More is a beautifully written tune taking you through a breakdown in a relationship. It’s a thoughtful free-flowing song, expressing the artist’s take on the sensation when love is absent in a relationship. It’s written perfectly to take you along on the journey with him.

The stylish guitar solos complement the smooth vocals and help to set the track apart from other alternative hip-hop artists. The tone that’s created matches brilliantly with the context of the song, injecting complexity to the track which mirrors with the idea of what many relationships are like.

The one thing that really caught our attention was the maturity in both the vocals and craft of the melodies. It’s remarkable that at just 19 years of age, he’s got the precense of mind and songwriting skills to create a track of this calibre.

It’s worth listening to the other tracks his Soundcloud too. ASTN’s talent and potential is unquestionable and it’s clear he’s not destined to be a one hit wonder.

If you’re a fan of Drake, you need to keep an eye on ASTN’s fledgling career. We think there are big things on the horizon for this gifted up and comer.


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