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Arvid – Food of the Gods [Review]

Arvid – Food of the Gods [Review]

After some time out following his first album, Old Factory Living, one man project Arvid returns with a floaty new single from his forthcoming new album Goodnightdaydream.



‘Food of the Gods’ is a cool mix of droning vocals and wavy guitar tones. There is a real sense of freedom to the song. It instantly immerses, as if you’re above the clouds relaxing with the ancient ones, like a scene from a mythological Greek film.

The lyrics and looping rhythm create a bittersweet yearning. It makes you question the monotony of our daily routine, going hand in hand with the idea the title provokes – projecting longevity on those who consume it. This is by no means a bad thing as the enticing sound draws you in, like Odysseus to the Sirens.

Original in sound, Arvid brings a refreshing touch to the ever evolving indie music expanse. True to the indie idea of old, Arvid has produced ‘Food of the Gods’ off his own back, using the tools around him. Interestingly, the New York artist’s previous release was all recorded to cassette.

Arvid has to be commended for the unique way he has created and recorded the new single. There is no set drop date for the next album, but when it’s out, you’ll find it on Arvid’s Bandcamp. Keep an eye on this one, we think it’s going to be a cracker!


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