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Arms That Fit Like Legs – What It Is Is [Review]

Arms That Fit Like Legs – What It Is Is [Review]

Dublin trio Arms That Fit Like Legs have released their new single What It Is Is.

Following on from their debut album Legwork, What It Is Is is the first instalment of their forthcoming album. The talented trio makes their exciting and complex sound seem effortless. It ebbs and flows constantly, holding your attention through elegant synth lines and meticulous guitar work.

Instrumental music is usually one of the hardest forms of music to do well. There’s always the danger that it becomes too repetitive and can become a bit of a slog to listen to. Arms That Fit Like Legs are so far away from this as you hear something new each time you listen. They have the outstanding knack of fusing math-rock guitar licks with jazz style intricacies, creating something extremely engaging and unique. Be sure to check these lads out as you won’t want to miss it.

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