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Argot – Cowboy [Review]

Argot – Cowboy [Review]

South Carolina based Argot share their latest track Cowboy.

The trio from the US definitely knows how to write a killer track. Argot has all the elements to make it a stand out indie rock laced banger, with carefully chosen guitar parts and a tightness you only get from bands on top of their game. Cowboy is the latest in a long line of releases from the guys from South Carolina and it’s definitely one to watch.

The way this track develops has the air of an Eels track. The easy-going, rock-like vocals and the use of guitar tones mirror their fellow countryman to a tee. Argot makes Cowboy their own by bringing in subtle touches of 90s brit-pop ideas to give the track another dimension. It’s one fantastic track which is certainly not to be missed.

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